"I stand for you. Yeah, you...not him."

Long Live The King

Good Job You!

Lyon King

I want to be inside your politics

Thank you

Sneak peak behind the curtain

Candidate Lyon King

Welcome to my den

Pride. I have it. I have pride in what I do, and who I am doing it to. As my great grandfather, the great William Lyon Mackenzie King once said, “Canada”. Wise man. Good genes.

Government. Politics. What are you? Where are you supposed to put it? If you are like me, these questions keep you up in the late afternoon, when I should be having a taco and beer nap. Why is politics so difficult? Who is actually running this country?

Well, I aim to lock down these mysteries and get a firm hand on any man, woman or child that stands in my way.

Vote Lyon King. I want to be inside your politics.